Our team

Crossroads Central Asia is a network of professionals dedicated to combining applied research, sound analysis and active engagement. The core team is based in Bishkek and include the following.

Shairbek Dzhuraev

Shairbek Dzhuraev is co-founder and president of Crossroads Central Asia and a visiting lecturer at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek. He holds PhD in International Relations from University of St Andrews and MSc in International Relations from LSE. Previously, Shairbek served as deputy director at OSCE Academy in Bishkek and as a dean of academic development at the American University of Central Asia.

Mehrigiul Ablezova

Mehrigiul Ablezova is one of the leading sociologists of Central Asia. She teaches Quantitative Research Methods, Applied Social Statistics and SPSS, Qualitative Research Methods and other related courses in the Sociology Department of the American University of Central Asia. Mehrigiul has extensive experience of leading and coordinating nation-wide surveys, focus groups in the country. The projects she oversaw included those by UNDP, UN Women, UNFPA, GIZ, USAID…

Emil Dzhuraev

Emil Dzhuraev is a political scientist and regular commentator on political trends in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Emil holds PhD in Politics from the University of Maryland at College Park and MA in Political Science, Indiana University, Bloomington. His expertise includes political regimes and democratization processes in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia; issues of constitutional development; regional geopolitics. He also covers broader themes of theories of constitutionalism…

Karolina Kluczewska

Karolina Kluczewska is a FWO postdoctoral researcher at the Ghent Institute for International and European Studies (GIES) and a research associate at the Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies, University of St Andrews (UK). Her current research explores evolving understanding of welfare in Poland and Tajikistan. Karolina holds a PhD degree in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. 

Aijan Sharshenova

Dr. Aijan Sharshenova is a Bishkek-based political analyst and a Research Fellow at the Foreign Policy Centre in London. She holds a PhD in Politics awarded at the University of Leeds, two Master’s degrees in International Studies and the EU Studies, as well as a teaching qualification. Aijan has recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek, where she researched Russian public diplomacy in Central Asia. In addition to her academic career, Aijan has worked in…

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