Crossroads Central Asia is an independent non-profit research institute based in Bishkek. Its primary objective is to deepen understanding of the political, economic, and security dynamics in Central Asia, within the broader Eurasian context. Crossroads contributes to the security and development of the region through publications, debates, and an expanding network of forward-thinking scholars and policy research institutions.

Crossroads Central Asia works with the following foundational assumptions.

  • Central Asia is a vital global intersection. In recent years, the region increasingly finds itself at the centre of international political, economic, and military processes. For the region known by many as a landlocked and dead-end area, the current dynamics pose opportunities and risks and, thus, demand deep thinking and bold actions.
  • Central Asia is at the crossroads of its development. The region’s nations emerged on the map in 1991, but the legacy of the Soviet Union is only beginning to be discussed, questioned and debated. While the contours of “a Central Asian” political and economic system are taking shape, ample space remains for new developments and adjustments.
  • The concept of “crossroads” is at the heart of the Central Asian way of life. The region is a mixture of differences that intertwine, merge and form each other. This context explains Central Asians’ belief in healthy balance, often achieved with enough time, temperance, and tea.

In line with its title, Crossroads Central Asia is a research and analysis hub that proactively seeks to balance regional and international scholars to help build a more nuanced global understanding of Central Asia. This is a scholarly initiative and not partisan or political, and we are always open for collaboration with all who share our vision and goals.

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