Survey and focus groups on housing and stability

In 2015 Crossroads had conducted a national household survey on housing, family composition and their relationship to societal stability in Kyrgyzstan. The survey covered 2,400 households from all parts of the Kyrgyz Republic, targeting the population between 18-49.

The poll aimed to better understand the changes in families and housing conditions of respondents in the past three years and the ways in which those conditions might, or not, be related to the views of respondents on social, economic and political issues in the wider community or the country.

The survey was preceded by six focus groups in different parts of Kyrgyzstan, including groups of different age and gender in urban and rural areas. Additionally, four more focus groups were conducted after the survey, comparing settled villages and new settlements (novostroikas) around Bishkek. The survey was conducted for and with support of the University of Wisconsin as a part of a larger cross-national survey on housing and families in post-Soviet countries.

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